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TANARI TRUST Tanari ministries currently consist of two sister organizations in two different continents. Tanari International based in Wheaton, Illinois, USA, and Tanari Trust in Nairobi, Kenya.
These two organizations are united by mission, vision, and origin. Tanari ministries aim to minister to the whole person; strengthening his or her place in vibrant community; and tackling the contemporary challenges of rising isolation, loneliness and related societal ills.  

 Location Nairobi Baptist Court Unit 4 off Ngong road
 Postal Address P. O. Box 2095, code 00200, Nairobi, Kenya
 Tel  (020) 2730807 - 2734852
 Cell 0720 681066 / 0735435192
 Fax 020-2713 677
 email  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Read full details of our Open Day Report here

Mission & Vision
The emphasis of one of our key programs at Tanari is the recognition that life is lived through stages, the attainment of which have to be effectively commemorated and handled if one is to become a responsible and mature adult. Such is the excitingTanari Trust Chairman
journey that Tanari has been on in the recent past as an organization. This journey led us to a time of critically examining who we are as Tanari and what we intend to achieve. It is a journey that we see as
preparing the ground for harvest time. We resolved our mission thus: Empowering young people to
encounter God, Others, Self and Nature more fully. Our vision is: to see a transformed society through Godly, responsible and mature youth who will in turn pass on the legacy through the generations.

Strategic focus
Over the past several years Tanari has been blessed with tremendous growth. Our growth has been
organic, grafting in staff and programs and adapting to changing needs. This growth brought us
to the point where we felt the need to focus our energies to achieve maximum impact. It has
been a process that involved the participation of a broad spectrum of our constituents. Our staff
dedicated immense amounts of time to research and analyzing our environment. We sought
to make sure that the end result of this process is one that is arrived at from a point of both
information and understanding.

Now more than ever before we are reasserting our efforts by adding more youth programs in a bid
to reach our youth in Kenya with a renewed zeal. Recent statistics point to the fact that more than
70% of Kenya’s population is below the age of 25.We cannot therefore over emphasize the need to
disciple our “young” nation. A recent research report suggests that the question “What is wrong
with our youth?” should be reframed to be; “What is wrong with our parents?” This is borne
out by the fact that a lot of the challenges we face today as a nation – including violence, sexual
immorality and unruly behaviour among youth (as witnessed in the first half of 2008) – are a
reflection of the loss of a value system. Parents must accept their charge to be the primary agency
responsible for instilling these needed values. In addressing this challenge we will strengthen our
parenting programs to inspire them to manage their youth effectively and to live out the old adage
which exhorts us to “teach the children in the way they should go”.

Founder Churches
Over the years, we have enjoyed a good a relationship with our founder churches. To further
strengthen our partnership and mutual service, we see ourselves this year involving the input of
our five constituent churches to participate in and support our venture as we chart new waters
in rolling out new programs. These programs will be fully described in the other statements.
We are grateful for the generosity of Karen Community Church on whose premises we hold this
year’s Open Day. We thank God for Nairobi Baptist Church whose consistent financial support
has been a constant stream of blessing for Tanari. The Nairobi Chapel churches continue to
repeatedly give us a platform to serve, and we appreciate this. We are also grateful for the input
of Buruburu Baptist Church and Kileleshwa Covenant Community Church for their active
participation at the decision-making level through their representatives on the Board.

Tanari Ltd
Besides inspiring people with synergy and effectiveness in organizations, our corporateTeam Building Exercises Leadership and Teambuilding programs have been very strategic in partly meeting Tanari’s Financial obligations. To ease transactions and also to comply with statutory requirements, we have now registered Tanari Ltd. under the Trust. The proceeds from this company will continue to be channeled to the Trust to expand our youth programs as well as help us help us walk the path of self sustenance. Any assistance in networking in the corporate world is coveted especially
because our corporate programs have a win-win edge to them.


Our Core Values
Tanari ministries are guided by the following values, which spells CORE

Christ – centered:
Christ centeredCompelled by the love of Christ and his life giving ministry of reconciliation (John 10:10). Committed to sound biblical orthodoxy (see link off old site) and to the careful study and obedience to God’s Word (Joshua 1:8). All our programs are characterized by our desire to reveal Christ and his saving grace in obedience to his word. 
Oriented towards vibrant community: 
 Vibrant CommunityWe believe that God’s plan for humankind is to relate to him within the context of community (Deuteronomy 26:16-19, Romans 9: 25-26, Revelation 21:3). His covenant community is embodied in the local church which is the hope of the world (Matthew 16:18-19). We serve a wide variety of communities and institutions with the express purpose of influencing them towards being relevant Christ-like communities.

Respect for diversity:
respect for diversityWe believe we are called to understand and respond to the shifting needs of a fallen world in need of reconciliation (1 chronicles 12:32). We also believe in God’s plan for diversity that avail a variety of gifts that call for stewardship. (Acts 17:26-27). We are therefore committed to careful study, research, creativity, innovation, flexibility and the careful sharing of resources, seeking to be relevant and respectful of the contexts we work in.

Expressed holistically
 We believe that true life-giving community must meet physical, mental, social and relational needs of the individual (Luke 2:52). We intentionally holisticstimulate the unique dynamics of temporary community (such as expeditions and camps), where learning can take place and influence the character of permanent community. Christ calls us to “come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest (Mark 6:31). 


EO's Statement

We are privileged as staff to participate in shaping mindsets and values of a generation and to influence
them God’s way. We have often reminded ourselves as the staff team, convinced without doubt that
that working at Tanari is not just a job but a calling to serve. Every individual, both staff and volunteers/
facilitators has a unique story that somehow finds expression in the pages of history of Tanari as it unfolds
before our very eyes. Through the strategic planning process staff now have been able to tap more into
their areas of passion and interest.

Programs Overview
Have you asked yourself what values you expect your child to pass down to your grand child? With the
myriad of challenges our young people experience in growing up, shouldn’t we be more intentional in
equipping them with life skills to navigate life successfully. Tanari recognizes that young people form the
bulk of our society and therefore we have added new programs to address the great need for Discipleship.
Young people learn best when they are engaged meaningfully with their peers and having fun at the same


Program results
God has increased us gradually despite the challenges we experienced as a country in recent times.
Tanari through its programming managed to empower more than 10,000 young people in the last two
years. In 2008 554 candidates, up from 516 in 2007, were graduated through our ROPES® programs
in 14 churches in Nairobi. In one camp alone (PCEA Kahawa West), we had 42 candidates dedicating
their lives to Christ. This is simply exciting! In the sexuality and abstinence training program (CPR) we
reached over 9,000 young people in the last two years with 70% committing to abstinence. Camp Malta
registered a marked increase in camp user days from 51,688 days in 2007 to 73,120 in 2008. The increased
capacity of 100 persons and ability to host multiple groups at the same time makes it unique in its service
provision. Camp Malta continues to attract a growing number of campers from churches, schools, families
and corporate organizations. The community around Camp Malta has also benefited from community
service rendered by our campers through our program ROPES® ROYAL (EX-Cans). We are proud of our
ROPES® ROYAL 2007 candidates who built a latrine and a kitchen for a local ACK church near camp

Our programs:

Adolescent ROPES® Program targets class 8 pupils or its equivalent as well as their parents. Both
ROPES® candidates and parents are primed with relevant lessons during the transition year that climaxes
with a 5-6 day transition camp.

ROPES ROYAL (Reflections of Young Adult Life) (Ex-Cans) Responsibility increases with age and as one enters this stage of life the need to have an outward focus is crucial developmentally.

POST College ROPES® Who Am I? Where Am I going? What was I created to do? These questions if not properly addressed at the critical time  of life, such as that of stepping out there into the "real world,” have potential to cause a real sense of dissatisfaction with life.
Parent Child Program: this is for fathers and mothers who want to experience a deeper and meaningful relationship with their sons and daughters respectively.

CPR Program – Creating Positive Relationships: Is speaking to your child or (parent if you are a young person) about sex awkward? Should we be scared of what the statistics reveal: that the mean age of first sexual encounter for girls is 14 and 13 years for boys? If this is the case, then  CPR (Creating Positive Relationships) is the program you need.

Couples Program: In partnership with churches, couples preparing to get married and those who are already married are taken through an  experiential program that harnesses their synergy.

School Experiential Programs: Is education meant to equip one for life or for a job? This question is well answered through this program. Parents are always looking for something new to give their children to improve their performance in school.

  • Leadership Development

  • Career development

adventureYEP: Youth Empowerment Programs
YEP is a wholistic non residential holiday camp program for both children and teens.

Holiday Catalogue Camps
Do not let your teen be bored at home over the holidays without supervision. Send them to our transformational camps that take place at Camp Malta.

Team Building Program
Tired with teambuilding activities that are delinked from reality and expected results in your organization? Worse still, have you found yourself wondering what next after teambuilding? Vibrant Teams program will inspire you and your Team or colleagues to synergy and effectiveness.

Expeditions and Adventure+
You have always heard about the beauty of the mountains but never had a chance to actually experience
it. Our Expeditions and adventure programs are for you.







Click to Download the 2010 Annual Calendar




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